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Since our establishment in [year], we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing productivity enhancing products and tools that stand out in the manufacturing and additive manufacturing industries. Over the years, our relentless pursuit of excellence has earned us a unique place in the industry.


Optimizes the end-to-end production process for costs, resource utilization, material consumption (or for any other custom defined objective).

Pre-configured best-practice scenarios for additive manufacturing (AM)
We’ll make your manufacturing operations as economical, scalable and sustainable as it possibly can be, while keeping it compliant with quality requirements.

PAAM - Personal AM Assistant

Optimizes laser toolpath and machine parameters with the objective to minimize defects and adjust quality/cost ratio on AI based data analysis and user input.

GPS - Marketplace

Platform for conducting transactions and negotiations among independent individuals and/or legal entities with special emphasis on Engineering, Design and Manufacturing.

GPS - Collaboration

Platform that supports eco-systems for project collaboration

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